Craig Fox Had A Wife

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Craig Fox Had a Wife is an autobiographical new play by local playwright Beverly Allen, whose first husband was killed in action during during the Vietnam War. The play recounts the story of how a veteran, a widow and a Vietnamese tour guide found healing decades after the war.

Allen’s play has received tremendous support from the Central Oregon community over the years through development workshops and staged readings at Silent Echo Theatre Company, 2nd Street Theatre, and more. It has also received generous support from veterans throughout the nation. For the premiere production, a fundraiser was organized by the 116th Hornet division who severed alongside Craig. They set a goal to raise $8,000.00 which was surpassed within days. Many have plans to travel to Central Oregon to witness Allen’s play and to take part in the planned events.

In conjunction with the performance, planned activities include panel discussions with educators, mental health professionals, and veterans, pre and post-show talk-backs, an art exhibit titled Layers of War featuring work from veteran artists, as well as War Stories: Personal Retrospectives - a story-telling session with veterans as part of ETC’s ongoing Listening Project initiative.

A complete list of event dates and times can be found here.  

A portion of proceeds from performances and events will be donated to veteran organizations and resources.