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Sunday, June 4th

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Tuesday, June 6th

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Callback Auditions

Thursday, June 8th

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Performance Dates
September 8 - 24, 2024 (select dates)


Auditions will be held at

Holy Communion Church

1245 SE 3rd St., Bend, OR

Please be prepared to read sides from the script available below.

Additional sides for auditions may be added.

Full of wonder, humor, and heart, SILENT SKY is the remarkable true story of Henrietta Leavitt, a pioneering female astronomer in the early 1900s. A decade before women gained the right to vote, Leavitt and a group of female astronomers transformed the science of astronomy. This inspiring, music filled drama explores the determination, passion and sacrifice of the women who forever changed the way we understand both the heavens and Earth.


This production is part of the ETC Roadshow Program which sees our productions touring across multiple venues throughout Central Oregon.



Henrietta Leavitt – 30s, the daughter of a Minister, she is brilliant, meticulous, excited, and unwilling to give up her dream in order to conform to what is expected of her. She aspires to work as an astronomer, is passionate about her work and is compelled to find answers to her questions about the universe.

She is hard of hearing and almost always wears a hearing aid.


Margaret Leavitt – 30s, Henrietta's younger sister. Homebody, sweet, creative, plays piano in their father's church. The opposite of her sister in many ways. She loves her sister but is concerned about Henrietta’s ambition going against the norms of societal expectations of women at the time.

Peter Shaw – 30s, early in his career as an astronomer’s apprentice, supervisor for the women at the observatory. In contrast to Henrietta, Peter is not passionate about astronomy but enjoys the work. He takes pride in being a Junior Fellow in Astronomical Research, especially when it comes to lording it over the 'girls' in the observatory. He wanted to be an actor. Falls in love with Henrietta.

Annie Jump Cannon – 40s, nominal leader of the group, terse, sure of herself, a firebrand. A co-worker at the observatory of Henrietta’s who has made important scientific discoveries of her own.

Annie is also a suffragette.

Williamina Fleming – 50s, Scottish, smart as a whip, fun. A former housekeeper for Dr. Pickering, the Head of the Harvard College Observatory, she was hired to work for him documenting star patterns because he recognized her intelligence and felt she would do better than the men he originally hired to work for him (and she would cost him considerably less money for the ‘girl hours”). Very quick witted.

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