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“Last Train to Nibroc” by Arlene Hutton centers around May and Raleigh who meet in 1940 on an eastbound train. Unable to enlist because of a medical condition, Raleigh wants to be a writer; May wants to be a missionary and they discover they are from neighboring towns in Kentucky. In this boy-meets-girl romance, nominated for Best Play 2000 by the New York Drama League, two young people navigate through the tough times of a country at war discovering what they have to give up to get what they really want.

“You could easily enjoy another few hours of this.” —The New York Times

“…A blissfully sweet romantic play quite unlike the typical fare offered in theatres these days.” —NYTheatre

“It is beautifully written…Every line is a heartbeat.” —Financial Times

“…a gently charming little play, reminiscent of Thornton Wilder…” —Associated Press


This production is part of the ETC Roadshow Program which sees our productions touring across multiple venues throughout Central Oregon.


Performances will occur on select dates from September - October, 2024.

Specific dates and details to be announced soon.


May (able to play a young woman in her 20s)

From a small town in Kentucky. She is sincere and honest in her beliefs. Bookish, with a charming naiveté, and an intelligent quick wit. She plans on becoming a missionary, but perhaps only because she has not yet found another calling that seems to suit her. In other words, perhaps she is on a path she is expected to take rather than a path she wants to take.


Raleigh (able to play a young man in his 20s)

From a nearby town. Just a good guy, slow to anger and quick to chuckle. He has recently left the military on a medical discharge, which has not left his pride unscathed. Without much to fall back on, he chooses to follow his dreams and is traveling to New York City to become a writer. His is genuine and playful, but his jokes are not demeaning or patronizing. He only teases May because he can tell she is sharp enough to joke back.

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