What to Prepare: 

Please arrive early to fill out audition paperwork and have your photo taken. Please be prepared to read selections from the script attached below. Note that selections are character specific so if you are interested in auditioning for a specific character, please refer to scenes that indicate the character's name from the files below. Please contact if you have any questions. Thank you!

NOTE: Callback auditions will occur August 31 from 6:00PM - 9:00PM



EMILY (age 50s – 70s) — A woman 68 years old. This is Craig Fox’s wife who, 46 years after his death in Vietnam, travels to Vietnam to find resolution and closure to her feelings of anger and loss. Strong-minded, determined, practical and yet still open-hearted, sensitive and caring.


YOUNG EMILY (age early 20’s) — The young wife of Craig Fox, Emily is quiet, bookish and shy and yet she has the same qualities as her older self: strong-minded, determined, practical…and very much in love with Craig. A young woman of the 60’s, she is socially conscious, very self-reliant and independent.


CRAIG (age early 20’s) — A young man who takes his fate into his own hands by enlisting as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War, pursuing his dream of becoming an airline pilot after the war. He is out-going, talented, athletic and self-confident as well as extremely capable. His dedication to his young wife is sincere, heartfelt and enduring.


ED DENNY (age 40s – 70s) — A Vietnam veteran who was a helicopter pilot in the same unit as Craig Fox. He is rough and tumble, suffering from severe PTSD…unable to maintain relationships, alcoholic, and very bitter. After a failed suicide attempt, he is working with a VA psychiatrist to resolve his issues. This character ages 20+ years over the course of the play as he seeks resolution through recalling his experiences.


YOUNG ED (age early to mid 20’s) — A somewhat rowdy, self- possessed young Texan with aspirations to be an architect. He, like Craig Fox, enlists in the army during the Vietnam War in order to choose his own path…helicopter pilot. He is bright, likable and quite a ladies man, but capable of great loyalty and deep feeling.


VINH (age 40s – 50s) — A Vietnamese tour guide, Vinh is a gentle and caring soul who is dedicated to his young family and develops a genuinely affectionate and protective relationship with Emily. He has an informed and realistic approach to conditions in modern day Vietnam, recognizing the impacts of the war even years later and the disappointments that modern life has not improved their lot.


DR. REAGAN (ages 30s – 60s) — A professional psychiatrist who helps Ed Denny find his voice and resolution to his demons.


ENSEMBLE ROLES (ages 20s – 40s)

The following roles will be assigned to 4-5 actors who may also act as stage crew:


Male Ensemble:

Warrant Officer 1

Warrant Officer 2

Drill Sergeant

Operations Captain

Young Man at Airport

Bill: Emily’s current husband

Best Man at Young Ed’s wedding

Trooper 1

Trooper 2

Radio Operator

Major Shelton



Female Ensemble

Vinh’s Mom

Becky (Ed’s Ex Wife)

Young Girl at airport

Janice (Ed’s current wife)

Audition Sides