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In conversation with...

A Listening Project

What happens when we allow ourselves to listen and create a space for someone to be heard?

This was the simple question that inspired us to embark on a unique project.


In March of 2021, Craig Brauner (ETC President and Founding Member) developed “In conversation with… A Listening Project” by conducting recorded conversations with diverse artists throughout Central Oregon and beyond.


“In conversation with…” features stop motion filmmaker and dyslexia advocate Krista Weltner; actress, playwright and activist Stephanie Von Aydan; Father Jim Radloff of Holy Communion Church; composer and music educator Paula Dreyer; voiceover artist and sound designer Barbara Rich of Richcraft Studios; LGBTQ+ activist and drag entertainer Alex Simpson; zero waste fashion designer Shelly Xu; Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Play On! producer Taylor Bailey; vogue dancer and performing artist David Leach; Brad Ruder of Limelight Entertainment; local actress and director Sandy Silver; as well as stand-up comedian and actor Jamal Thomas. Of the twelve participants, nine currently reside and create in Bend, OR with the others based in Portland, Chicago, and New York City.


While each of the conversations are unique and have their own individual moments of sincere and emotional connection, they are all united by one common question — what inspires you?


The leadership of ETC hope people who come to watch and follow the series are inspired to explore new art forms, support local artists, and perhaps be encouraged to strike up more conversations within the community and beyond it, furthering the reach of this endeavor.


We are beyond proud of this project and the important role it plays in fostering our mission of ‘creating community one stage at a time’.

Featured In

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Season One

Listening Project Group Photo.jpg

(top row: Krista Weltner, Stephanie Von Aydan, David Leach, Brad Ruder; middle row: Barbara Rich. Father James Radloff, Shelly Xu, Jamal Thomas; bottom row: Paula Dreyer, Alex Simpson, Sandy Silver, Taylor Bailey)

Season Two

War Stories: Personal Retrospectives

Veterans of the Army, Navy and Marines shared personal accounts of their war experiences, including rescuing refugees at the close of the Vietnam war, flying F18s over Operation Iraqi Freedom, interpreting for troops serving in Vietnam, volunteering to help in Ukraine's struggle, and learning how humor and serving others helps recovery from their war experiences. This event is in collaboration with Bend Storytelling Circle and part of ETC’s PTSD AWARENESS PROJECT.

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